Plant-based capsules designed for the modern era

Elevate Health Sciences is your go-to resource for capsule manufacturing. With ethically sourced, premium-grade ingredients and an unwavering commitment to exceptional service, we will work with you every step of the way to develop customized formulations.


What we offer

Formula Innovation

Through our custom formulations, you can develop the product of your dreams from scratch

Contract Manufacturing

We offer one of the shortest order lead times and packaging services in the industry

Private Labeling

Our pre-existing private label formulas with your name, your design, and your packaging

Our commitment to clean-label and innovation

Elevate Health Sciences is a full-service soft gel and capsule manufacturer specializing in the personal healthcare and dietary supplement industries. We are dedicated to growing a dynamic and profitable nutritional business through innovation, hard work and honest-ethical practice.
As one of the top leaders in the industry, our capabilities allow us to provide products that meet the needs of many of today’s international health markets.

What makes us different?

Elevate uses a patented process and proprietary capsule design which enables us to be a leading provider of Tapioca soft gels. Our unique Tapioca capsules are derived directly from the Cassava plant, have an airtight bond and are vegan certified. We cater to the customer, to meet your clean label needs.

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Meet Our Leaders

Annette Page

Executive Vice President

Kelly Bryan

Senior Director of Global Compliance

Bobby Marroquin

VP of Strategy and Business Development

Mike Daniels

Senior Director of Finance

Jeff Tweedy

VP of Operations

Steve Hatchett


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